Thursday, September 30, 2010

the blog-a-thon is over!

Wow, September's over! Which means the September blog-a-thon is wrapping up - the month totally flew by! I only missed two days out of the whole month, so I'd say it was pretty successful, as my main goal was to get kick-started back into blogging. I hope you guys have enjoyed the little peek into our family life. I'm glad it ends today because this weekend we'll be having some family time at our family cabin - of course it's supposed to be a really chilly weekend!!! Ah well, we'll bring sweaters and blankets and have a lot of fun.

Prior to September, I was blogging mainly to keep people updated about Kieran, but this month I have enjoyed sharing a bit more. Blogging daily, however, has been HARD! Many a night I did it right before midnight. It was so tough carving out time with the two kids and the other responsibilities I have. There are many things I wanted to blog about but simply didn't have the chance. But I definitely think I can handle blogging 1-2 times a week from now on.

Happy October tomorrow - my favorite month of the year! We have so many things to look forward to: decorating for our favorite holiday, celebrating our first wedding anniversary, apple orchard trips, making Halloween costumes, fall baking, carving pumpkins, and of course, Halloween (we are Halloween freaks!) I would love it if you'd continue to follow along with our little family!


  1. For sure will continue to follow along! Have enjoyed "getting to know" you and reading your blogs! I think the blog-a-thon has inspired me like you, to blog a couple of times a week! Yay!

  2. Congratulations! I'm glad to have met a fellow preemie mom along the way!