Monday, September 6, 2010

the great Minnesota get together!

Happy meet-a-versary to my husband! Meet-a-what, you say? Well, our anniversary of meeting is today, and since it was such a fun occasion, we like to celebrate every year. We met 6 years ago to the day at the Minnesota State Fair! They call it the Great Minnesota get together, right? Well, in 2004, it was the Great Josh & Brittany get together ;)

I think when I tell people we met at the Fair, they assume we worked there together or something - nope! The way we met was sort of a twist of fate. See, I made a last-minute decision to go to the Fair with a friend of mine, who was meeting up with a guy she met on Myspace (haha, this was 6 years ago, okay? Myspace was up & coming!) That guy was Josh's best friend from high school (in Okinawa, Japan), Jimmy. Jimmy had brought along some friends, and one of them was intended to be my date for the day. However, when we met and started chatting, it was apparent we weren't really feeling each other. The cute guy I'd met in the Food Building, in front of the cheese curd stands? Now he was more my style! Josh actually made a last minute decision to come to the Fair that day, too - he had been in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that day and drove 7 hours to get there that afternoon! We hit it off right away and couldn't stop talking.

I still remember exactly what Josh was wearing, the way his hair looked, and how I couldn't stop staring at his shirt. I remember exactly what I was wearing, too. I recall all of our conversations that night, Josh tripping over me (a preview of his clumsy nature!) and subsequently getting hassled by a drunk man for tripping over me, and then the other drunk man who nearly ruined my beloved haunted house experience. I vividly remember Josh telling me "you're cool, and cute." It was an AWESOME day that I'll never forget. And we get to celebrate and relive that experience every year - how cool is that!?

Here are some pictures from past State Fair trips. We always go on Labor Day (it's a tradition!) since that's the day we met. For some reason I can't find the pre-2007 pictures.

State Fair trip 2007 - newly pregnant with Maia

Yummm, cheese curds!

State Fair trip 2008, with baby Maia in tow

The Midway behind us

State Fair trip 2009

In front of the cheese curds, where it all began!

Maia enjoying her first Pronto Pup

Checking out cardboard Mike Pomeranz in the Kare 11 building

We take photobooth pictures every year (except the year we met) so today should be interesting as we try to fit all four of us in the shot. It will be so fun to look back on them all together, don't you think? Now off to the Fair we go - wish us luck for a well-behaved toddler & a good napping baby boy!


  1. I love all the wide open mouth shots ;-)

    Very cute story!!


  2. Hubby and I met in November of 2004; the first few years we went back to the scene of our meet-up and then re-enacted our first date a few days later...but now we just buy each other gifts. Usually things we want ourselves. ;)

    Of course, if we had met at the State Fair and cheese curds were involved, you'd better believe we'd be doing going back each year! I loved this post!

  3. Love your blog. We are fond of the State Fair as well. You should stop by the Spam booth sometime to say "hello". That's our family side business. Would love to see you and meet your lovely family! Say "hi" to your mom as well.

  4. Ahhhhhh, I love stories like this! So sweet and love that you can share and remember that every year! Hope your day was great and can't wait to hear abou tit!