Sunday, September 19, 2010


So, I realized yesterday, when packing up to leave for a road trip to Wisconsin, that the Kid's Clothes Week Challenge starts tomorrow - oops. I have nothing prepared for it, and no time to gather any of my various to-dos up, so I'm going to have to pass on the challenge this time around, but that's probably a good thing. Despite my wanting very badly to get back into sewing, I have yet to set up a sewing area in our new place, I have multiple readings and assignments to work on and, like I mentioned, never made it to the craft store. Ah well, maybe I'll have my own challenge next month. But I would like to get to the craft store. I want to get the tulle for Maia's Halloween tutu! And some felt for Kieran's gnome hat. So, maybe that can happen this week.

I really want to post pictures from our weekend trip to the land o' Dairy, but that will have to wait. We just got home a few hours ago from Wisconsin, where we went to a wedding Saturday and hung out on a friend's family farm today, so we're all completely tuckered out. It's amazing what a mini road-trip & chasing after a toddler while juggling the baby all weekend can do to a couple people! The house is a mess but you know what? Sleep is more important. And the house will probably still be messy tomorrow when I take the kids to my grandma's house and then we head out to the apple orchard, but you know what? Fun and family time is more important. I guess the mess (and the homework assignments) will still be here for me tomorrow night. Until then...