Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i'm a Gleek (and proud of it)!

Hooray, Glee is back!

Are you a Gleek like me? I absolutely LOVE Glee, and I think Kieran might be a fan, too! I watched the season premiere tonight with the kids (well, Maia was running around but she did manage to stop & listen to Rachel singing "Telephone" by Lady Gaga, ha!) Kieran was lying on a blanket next to me and kept leaning towards the TV chatting when a song was playing, it was so cute! Maia was then encouraging him to roll over, because he has yet to do back to tummy and he almost did it while chatting at the TV! Anyways, super cute. He loves music, just like the rest of us.

If you've never seen Glee, you're really missing out. I could explain what it's about, but in the interest of time, I'll let Wikipedia do it instead. Anyways, it's centered on a high school Glee club and I have to say, watching it brings back some of my favorite memories from high school choir, our spring concert and the musical I was in my senior year. And every time I watch the show and sing along, I wonder why I'm not singing anymore. I really miss it. Josh and I talk about getting into community theater someday, but the kids will have to be a little older before we do that. So, someday it is...for now I just sing to my babies, sing in the car with the whole family (oh yeah, I'm not ashamed to admit it! Our whole family jams in the car!) And for now I just enjoy Glee and think fondly on the brighter memories of high school. I am so excited for next week's show - it's Britney Spears themed! And I think she makes an appearance on the show, as well. Also not ashamed to say that I have always liked Britney Spears and still do ;) I'm excite dto see what they do with her songs.

Are you a Gleek? Maybe just a moderate Glee fan? Why do you like the show? Does it bring back fun memories of high school for you like it does for me?


  1. I am a full GLEEK! I was so excited for last night's episode and it didn't disappoint! LOVE! Oh and our family jams out in the car too!

    I love musicals so I think it fills that for me. It is fun and humerous. Too much series stuff on TV. And even though I wasn't in show choir (I was a band geek) it still reminds me of HS and Marching Band. Love it.