Wednesday, September 15, 2010

missed opportunities

Do you know what today is? It's National Neonatal Nurses Day! And....I just learned that fact this morning, via my Twitter feed (thanks to the March of Dimes for the heads up!) I learned it a bit too late to do anything special or fun for the nurses who took care of Kieran. I couldn't even do an impromptu visit, since today was the first day I worked for my dad. But today's not the only missed opportunity I'm bummed about - I am embarassed and disappointed in myself, because I have not contacted the NICU once since Kieran came home! The sweet staff spent 7 weeks taking care of my son and I haven't even given them a SINGLE update - I feel horrible! They deserve to hear how healthy he is, to hear about our successes with breastfeeding (and to see the amazing results!) They were an integral part of the beginning of his life, and I'm so bummed that I have yet to update them.

Of course, the first few weeks at home were a whirlwind of breastfeeding and catching up on sleep and adjusting to two children. And then when the fog lifted and I felt I had the whole mom-to-two thing down, we started looking for a place to rent, then packed & moved - all it took was a simple phone call or a quick letter (heck, I could have printed out an old blog post and told them to follow along!) but I haven't done a single thing. I feel silly for the missed opportunities.

But, there's no time like the present, right? I will give them a call tomorrow, because it's Kieran's 6 month birthday on Friday! What a great time to call and update them on my little dude. (On a side note, six months already!? OMG!) Hopefully we can set up a time to come in to bring Kieran to visit next week, and hopefully we get to see at least a few of our favorite nurses.


  1. I was going to say, I think they'll appreciate it a few days afterwards just as much as anytime. And when you go, bring them cookies or something. Nurses in the maternity/NICU ward LOVE getting food!! :)

    I didn't know today was Neonatal Nurses Day either :(

  2. Great idea! I remember that they love food - we brought them cupcakes, and Easter baskets filled with candy, which was fun! I'll have to whip something up for them for sure.

  3. Last time I was in L&D, I told the nurses I'd bring them a treat lol. They love treats for sure!!

    The Easter Basket is an excellent idea!! how sweet!

  4. I know. I said something on twitter too but didn't think to try and get in and see them! I have been meaning to get in there to donate all of Nora's little preemie and newborn sleepers and clothes so maybe I will do that at her 6 month mark too!