Thursday, September 9, 2010

taking on another challenge

Lately I've been all about taking on challenges to get out of my comfort zone - case in point, this September blog-a-thon I'm participating in with about 30 other bloggers! So when my friend MJ posted a link to Elsie Marley's "kids clothes week challenge" on Facebook, I was intrigued! With Kieran coming home in May and taking up quite a bit of my formerly free time, then packing up and moving, I haven't sat down at my sewing machine and really cranked out a worthwhile project in awhile - I did embellish a dish towel for my mom's birthday, but that was amidst boxes and chaos before we moved. It's time I set my sewing machine up at the new place & finally complete one of the many projects I have in the pipeline!

So, here goes nothing - I commit to taking one hour a day to make (in my case, sew) kids clothing during the week of September 20th to 26th. If you're a crocheter, knitter or seamstress, join along! I'll post progress pictures of what I do daily.

I'm looking forward to this! What should I work on? I'd love to make a fleece dress for Maia, and something for Kieran (but it's got to be easy...maybe just a shirt or pants?) I'm a semi-advanced beginner - still scared of zippers and haven't worked a pattern yet, ha! I guess I really need this kick in the pants to get moving and work on something for the kids!

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  1. Good for you! This is exciting too. I don't know a stitch (ha) about sewing so won't committ to this challenge but will love following you along on it!