Saturday, March 20, 2010

day 4

I just realized that this would truly be Kieran's 3rd day of life, right? I guess I had my days off. Oh well. I got discharged last night and I've been trying to get settled in at home with my pumping schedule and making sure to get naps in. Josh and I are exhausted, understandably, but we were both able to nap and rest today. I don't know what we would do if Gale wasn't here - she took Maia out to Target while we napped at home in the peace & quiet :)

Josh and I went to visit Kieran around noon together. He was taken off the ventilator at about midnight so he just had the CPAP mask on today and was on a slight amount of oxygen and tolerating it well. With the past few days, Kieran was really agitated during any procedure - as in, his 02 saturations would go way down and sometimes they would need to up his 02, but today he was doing really well! While I was there he had an x-ray to check feeding tube placement, plus he received a new feeding tube (as there was too much air in his tummy) & we also changed out blankets and cleaned up his isolette, and he tolerated everything beautifully, I was so proud! I want him to keep calm and relax and it seems he has finally started to do that.

He has his last dose of neoprofen today for the heart flap, and the NICU doctor thinks that's resolved because she cannot hear it anymore. They are starting him on my milk tomorrow - they needed to wait until the neoprofen was done, so we've really been looking forward to that. I just know he'll plump up on my milk, hopefully nice & quick!

I forgot to take a picture today - now that he's off the ventilator and out of the phototherapy lights, you can see his blond hair a lot more! Oh well, I'll take one tomorrow. We can start holding him again tomorrow now that he's mellowed out, and I know Josh is looking forward to that, as he hasn't held him yet. Josh and I did get a few pictures yesterday, though, as well as a video.

Daddy's hands


We tried to capture him kicking up a storm - he ended up doing it more after the video stopped, of course ;)


  1. Brittany,

    He IS beautiful, that little peanut! I am speechless reading your blog...I can't imagine having to go through this - you are a strong mama. I am also so glad to hear you and Josh have your MIL's help with Maia.

    Looking forward to meeting your little man - you should plan to haul him out to the campground for the API potluck in June - that's 13 weeks away, he can do it!

    By the way, Kieran was always my #1 pick for a boy's name!

    Keeping you guys in my thoughts,
    Barbara Morgan
    (the other Maya mommy)

  2. I love you guys... So proud of your stregnth. Kieran, you are constantly in my thoughts.. - Jayme & Aiden

  3. He is doing so well and is so handsome, bb :)

  4. I love him so much already. Y'all are doing amazing, stay strong. Thank God for mother in laws who come all the way from Georgia to help, what a blessing.

    Love you, Collins Family. You are in our thoughts.

    Angela GKB

  5. I love that picture of Josh's hands around him-so precious. I bet he is just itching to hold his baby boy!

  6. Praise God from whom all blessings flow......Kieran is a precious miracle!!! We are so happy he is doing well. Your whole family will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Much love, Mary and Steven B.

  7. He's so precious Brittany! I'm so glad he's doing well and Josh will be able to hold him!! Get that mommy milk in him and he'll be a big fat baby in no time!! ::hugs:: We are praying for you and your beautiful family every single day.