Thursday, March 25, 2010


It was so fun getting to see my little man today - his nasal cannula was gone & he had the nasogastric feeding tube through his nose instead of the feeding tube in his mouth! His isolette is so quiet now without any oxygen or room air being funneled through anything. I could see his sweet little face in all it's entirety, too. I really think he looks like his daddy :)

Look at that face - no tubes!

Kangaroo care with mama.

His doctor didn't have much to say today - just that Kieran's doing so well and that now we just have to be patient and let him grow. For feedings he's up to 7ml/2 hr and it will continue to increase by 1 ml every 12 hours, so this evening he'll be up to 8 ml, etc. Today he reached and slightly surpassed his birth weight! There is a cute little chart next to his isolette that says "Watch Me Grow!" and records his weight daily. He weighs 2 lb, 10.2 ounces now.

Speaking of his isolette, we've been decorating it and making it comfy for our little guy - Josh brought in his sweet little stuffed owl from my mom, Grandma Beth, and we put up a picture Maia colored for Kieran. Tomorrow I am going to add a quote I saw on one of my favorite Facebook fan pages, Peaceful Parenting: "A small body of determined spirits, fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission, can alter the course of history." ~ Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi. One of his NICU nurses also put up an Irish blessing for baby boys - very fitting for his birthday and Irish heritage!

This is from my phone, up close while doing kangaroo care

Josh is there again tonight - he goes every night for a few hours all while working his full-time job, whew! He did kangaroo care last night for the first time and absolutely loved it, and will be doing it again tonight at his 10 pm feeding. Look for a blog entry from Josh soon, I just taught him how to blog :)


  1. He's so handsome! I can't wait to see him again :) and you look absolutely beautiful today. What a blessing how he just keeps doing better each day! You'll have to add the card Thomas made for him, it's so stinkin cute!

  2. Aw, look at his little arm fuzz <3