Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2 weeks

Wow! Kieran is 2 weeks (chronological age) today! I say chronological because for his first year we will be using two ages - chronological/actual and adjusted age - based on his due date. Kieran's adjusted age is still his gestational age at this point, which is 32 weeks this Friday. It's confusing me already! Basically when he's 6 months actual age he will be 3.5 months adjusted, since he was 2.5 months early.

Anyways, today was a great day for Kieran. His caffeine was stopped, as he is having no stop-breathing episodes, also known as apnea. The neonatal nurse practitioner said that a preemie not having any stop-breathing episodes is very rare - Kieran's only had 2 and they were very short, and he was able to work it out on his own. He has an eye exam in 2 weeks, and he was started on iron today - it's pretty common for preemies to have anemia. He is also wearing clothing now! This outfit his grandma Gale bought him fits perfectly.

My little guy looking like a big boy :)

He's is now up to full feeds of 24 ml/3 hours. I asked why they moved them from 2 hours to every 3 hours, and they said it's because it allows Kieran to be bothered less by the nurses so that he can relax & sleep more. The more he sleeps, the more he will grow, as when babies sleep, growth hormone is released. The every-3-hour feedings also help make kangaroo care easier - we had to do every-other feeding holds before, to give him a break, and now we can hold him whenever we want and for longer periods of time. It's nice for me, too, since I have sometimes had to cut wonderful kangaroo care sessions short because I have to pump. He'll be so comfy and cuddled up and I hate to move him! Speaking of k-care, he is really thriving on it. When I arrived to him see this morning he was so antsy and active. He wasn't agitated or fussy so much as he just couldn't relax, and once I got him skin-to-skin he settled down immediately. He is such a sweetie pie!

My other sweetie pie, Maia. Check out those red curls!

As for the rest of the family 2 weeks out, we're all doing really well. I have energy again, which feels wonderful, and I'm getting great sleep - well, if you call 2 4-hour blocks of sleep great (which as a pumping mom, I do!) When Kieran comes home he'll be keeping me up so it's nice to have a little sleep in the interim. Josh is doing well with the full schedule - he works in the day, comes home for dinner and hangs out with the family for awhile before going to visit Kieran for a few hours each night. He's slightly tired but making it work :) Maia is doing great with the potty still. In the past week she's had only one accident, and she had a dry diaper last night! She is only wearing diapers at night now, and panties the rest of the day. We're so proud of her!


  1. This is so great, Brittany! I'm glad everything is getting better by the day!

  2. it's good to hear he's doing so well! he looks so cute in his new outfit :)