Wednesday, March 24, 2010

1 week

Since I had my days off, I'll use week 1 as a starting point to get back on track. Happy one week birthday, Kieran! I can't believe it's been a week - it's been such a whirlwind. But I am so happy to report that we finish week one of Kieran's NICU stay with more good news: today his NICU doctor informed me that they would be ending his use of the nasal cannula sometime today. Kieran has not required oxygen since he was on the CPAP and he's been on room air with the nasal cannula. When I left the NICU today he was on 1 liter of room air - the smallest amount they can funnel through there - so it was likely he'd be taken off the cannula tonight! I can't believe that my little guy, who was on a ventilator just five days ago, is requiring no extra assistance breathing at just one week old! A few other health-related updates: Kieran had his brain scan today, which is standard procedure for preemies, and he has no brain bleeds and a normal brain for his age. He is peeing very well and today he started pooping - we've been waiting for that since starting his feedings! Speaking of feedings, he was up to 4 ml/every 2 hours, and I believe they're bumping it up to 5 ml/2 hours tonight. My favorite thing about his feeding times is that he opens his eyes every time! I chat with him and encourage him to suck on my pinky and he just seems to love it.

Other things of note: I noticed today that Kieran looks a lot more comfortable breathing, which makes sense, but it was nice to see him so calm and relaxed and not trying so hard. I also noticed today that I'm feeling a lot more comfortable with him - with ways to touch and comfort him, how to be of "use" in the NICU, and I'm feeling more comfortable with his cares as well. That is a really wonderful feeling. Kangaroo care is becoming easier and easier, too; it's taken a couple tries to figure out how to make us both comfy for long period of times, but we've got the hang of it now.


Anyways, it's been quite a week but it feels great to end it on such a lovely note. We never wanted Kieran to be here so early, but now that he's here, we are overjoyed and making the best of everything. Also, I want to shout out to the big sister tonight - Maia had her first dry day ever: she has gone on the potty all day and never once went in her diaper! We are so proud of her to be potty learning amidst all this chaos :)

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  1. He is seriously so beautiful Brittany!

    I love the blond hair (on his head and all over his cute little body!)

    It's such a blessing that he is doing so wonderfully! God is so great :)

    Oh, PS...That is AWESOME Maia has been able to stay dry!! What a big girl!