Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 3

Last night and this morning have been much more mellow for Kieran, thank goodness. I spoke with his NICU doctor today and there are plans to extubate him/take him off the ventilator this evening and get him back on the O2 mask - YAY! They're pretty sure he'll tolerate it just fine, since we wanted him to relax yesterday and he's been doing just that. He is getting his second dose of neoprofen today and one more tomorrow for the heart flap that was loose and by Sunday we should know if that's resolved itself. He has been getting artificial surfactant - a gooey, thick medicine through his trachea to help with lung development - and he will be getting that one more time today and after that he should be able to make some on his own. He is also having a renal ultrasound today to check his enlarged kidney, which we were first aware of at his 20 week ultrasound, so we'll see if it's still enlarged and if there is anything needing to be done there. Lastly, today is his last day of phototherapy for jaundice.

Our little guy resting this morning. He is now 30 weeks gestationally.

All in all, he is doing much better today. They didn't want us to hold him yesterday due to all his distress, but I was able to put my hands in his isolette - they say preemies prefer pressure rather than softly rubbing, so I spent a long time with my hands in the case - one hand on his sweet, downy head, and another hand on his little legs & feet. I forgot to ask if we can hold him today, but I think when he is off the ventilator tonight we will most likely be able to try again. They have plans to start him on my breastmilk Sunday, which is very exciting! My milk has started to come in today and my new close friend the breastpump is due to arrive at our house this afternoon :) I already have quite a few bags of milk in the NICU freezer and I look forward to providing many more. Each time I pump I look at pictures of Kieran and I cannot wait for the day he's ready to nurse - they said we can probably try around 32-33 weeks.

Lastly, I'm being discharged today! Josh has plans to get me home and settled and then we'll figure out a nice routine for visiting Kieran daily. I am hoping I can go every morning for a few hours while the doctors are there and then Josh or Josh and myself can visit at night as well. I will of course miss being so close to Kieran, but I cannot wait to get home to my comfy bed to get a little bit of sleep amidst the pumping.


  1. Brittany, you rest up Sweetheart. Let everyone pamper you so you get good and strong. Kieran will have you running in no time. He is one darling little Irishman!
    Kisses & Hugs to you all.
    Auntie Mary

  2. I love you Brittany!! I am praying for your family and Kieran daily. He is already leaving his mark on the world...just imagine how much more awesome it will be when he is grown and changing the world :)