Monday, May 24, 2010


Some preemies have problems regulating their temperature. Kieran never has, and today is no exception! It's 90 degrees in the Twin Cities and we have no central air, so he's sitting in a cloth diaper and that's it, and he's still so toasty! I've been calling him my little heat box (is that even a real term? I don't think so, haha.) So far he does not show signs of profusely sweating in high temps like his dad, but we'll see ;)

Chilling in his super cool owl diaper on his super cool owl blankie

In other news, it's just Kieran and I today, as Maia has daycare one day a week, and all we've done is nurse/burp/nurse/burp, with a few diaper changes and tiny naps in between. Hellooooo, growth spurt! You'd think he was starving the way he's nursing today, but I just have to remind myself that the constant nursing is temporary & purposeful - by nursing him more frequently during the growth spurt, he's telling my body to make more milk for him. So all this time spent with my butt on the couch or lying in bed nursing him is for a good cause! And Josh - I'm sorry if I don't get the kitchen floor cleaned today, and if I can't get to cleaning up the books Maia threw EVERYWHERE...I blame the baby. :)


  1. hahaha I feel like that's all I do too....sit on the couch...nurse...burp..change diaper...she takes a nap then...cycle begins again;)

  2. Hello Collins Family,
    An acquaintance of yours Amy Fisher directed me to your blog because she reads ours, too. Our little Adalyn was born 4/16 at 28w1d, 2 lbs 12 oz. She is doing great. My wife and I stayed up way too late last night reading your story, and so many pieces are the same. Adalyn still has infrequent A&B spells, but has never needed O2. She is gaining weight, but not yet nursing like your Kieran was at this time. Thanks for opening up your story. It is nice to read about others that have successfully made it home!
    You can see our blog at

    Joe Ditsch