Wednesday, May 5, 2010

7 weeks

7 weeks in the NICU and seems like a long time but it's actually flown by! I wish I could say he's coming home soon, but Kieran has a little more to overcome before he can be discharged, unfortunately.

Big sister came for a visit Sunday!

First off, he was taken off the oxygen Sunday morning to see how he'd do - and he hasn't been back on it since. That's great news! He's now taking in about 90-95% oxygen, which is an improvement, however, he continues to have de-sats/dips into the 70's and 80's. The neonatologist ordered a CR scan last night and that was completed over 12 hours. That's a test that measures his breathing patterns, heartrate and respirations while he's hooked up to monitors. The results are averaged out and also alert the doctors to any events or apnea spells that happen while he's sleeping. Tehe results are printed out and interpreted by a neonatologist, and unfortunately, Kieran did not pass. They found that he has an immature breathing pattern - he takes many pauses with his breathing (thus, the de-sats) and he can't go home having breathing issues. He also failed his car seat test; to leave the NICU, babies must pass a 1.5 hour car seat trial in which they cannot have any breathing issues and he didn't even make it 15 minutes, as he was having trouble breathing, so they ended the test early.

So what next? The plan is to put Kieran back on caffeine again for one week, then re-test. Those who have read the blog from his birth will remember that he was on caffeine for awhile to help stimulate his lung function - and now we're hoping it will help straighten things out again.

Sleeping so peacefully.

While Josh and I are a little disappointed, we both know that we would not want Kieran sent home unless he was absolutely ready, and we know Kieran is where he belongs right now. He has been through SO much, what with acquiring the CMV virus, his kidney issues, two blood transfusions, and of course, just being born early! I think he's doing so well in spite of all of that, so with a little more time spent on working on his breathing issues I'm sure he'll be ready and raring to go. He's still doing wonderfully with all of his feedings and nursing like a champ. He's back to gaining weight (after losing a bit due to the diuretic he got last weekend) and his lab levels are coming back at mostly normal levels - even his protein levels have increased, YAY! I really think he is a strong, spunky little guy :) Here's hoping the caffeine is what he needs!


  1. he has gained some weight. getting those chubby baby cheeks :D

  2. Hi Brittany,

    Hang in there. We thought Ethan was coming home and a few days before he was going to break out of the NICU he started having bradys. He was put back on caffeine and we had to wait a little longer before discharge. I know how disappointing it is even though you know it is for the best. All I can say is that it feels like it's neverending...but now we've been home for over two months and I wonder where the time went.


  3. how frustrating for you you said, he needs a bit more time.
    There was a baby boy sent home the other week and he was back in afterwards! they had to resus him at home. how scary! he is ok but I saw him yesterday with an apnea machien strapped to him.

    give him a week and he could be ready again to come home :)

  4. Gosh, he's just so beautiful! I love that picture of him with Maia and Josh. All that red hair!