Saturday, November 6, 2010

day 6 {a month of thanks}

Day 6. I am very thankful for dates with my husband. We've always had a tendency to forget to make time for them, so last month on our anniversary, we made a commitment to go on at least one a month (special thanks to our lovely sitter, Auntie Kiki, for committing to the 'sitting'!) The past few dates we've been on have been so special, and not because we did the most wonderfully romantic things, but simply because we're just alone together! It's so refreshing to get a moment to chat without having to talk loudly over a toddler, and eat with both hands free. I can't believe we let dates fall by the wayside, because it's evident to me now that they are crucial to our foundation and strength as a couple. When we have that opportunity to connect outside the house, it's like we've recharged our "couples battery," I love it!


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